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Microblading Eyebrows
In Camberley

Natural looking beautiful eyebrows

Get custom, extremely life-like eyebrows that stay put no matter what.

Eyebrow Microblading in Camberley

Your eyebrows are your most important facial feature. All your emotions and expressions come through your eyebrow’s shape, making you… you! The way they’re groomed can make you appear youthful and happy or tired and angry.

Would you like perfect eyebrows around the clock?

With eyebrow Microblading or Microshading at House of Beauty Camberley, you will wake up and go to sleep feeling beautiful, and you’ll get hours of your life back from the hassle of drawing and filling in your eyebrow makeup!

You will no longer worry about your eyebrows coming off in the pool or in a workout session, or anywhere. With new confidence and more time, our clients rave about how life-changing this procedure is!

Say goodbye to your eyebrow issues

Semi-permanent eyebrow treatments are perfect for:

  • Hair loss and lack of definition
  • Thin brows caused by years of over plucking
  • Scars
  • Lengthening existing eyebrows
  • Correcting asymmetry
  • Active lifestyles
  • Trouble applying conventional makeup

If you’ve lost your eyebrows or have patchy hair growth, you know first-hand how it affects your overall appearance and self-confidence.

You also know how much time you spend drawing your brows in every day, and the insecure feeling you might get when you sweat or go swimming, that your brows will disappear.

Achieving natural-looking eyebrows using makeup pencils and eyebrow powders is a challenge which is time consuming and has to be repeated many times a day.

With microblading or microshading at House of Beauty in Camberley, your eyebrows will be professionally styled every day and stay that way!

See our Gallery of Before and After Photos for many more examples of Anna’s work.

What Is Microblading?

One of the hottest beauty trends in the UK

Eyebrow microblading got its start in Asia and recently exploded in Europe and the US. It is currently being touted by celebrities and covered recently in publications like Marie Claire, Allure, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Elle. Anna Hannaford isn’t new to the trend however, she has perfected this technique over the last 10 years.

This is NOT eyebrow “tattooing”

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique used for creating and filling in eyebrows. A sterilized, handheld microblade tool applies pigment with tiny needles in individual strokes, creating fine lines of colour that resemble extremely lifelike hair.

We use special semi-permanent pigments, not ink, which will fade naturally over time.

No damage to your existing eyebrow hair

Often clients report hair grows back even better after they’ve had microblading. Pigment is inserted into only the dermal layer of the skin, therefore it’s more shallow, and far less painful than a tattoo and will also fade in 1 – 3 years. This is perfect because facial shapes and eyebrow style trends change over time!

Microblading Pricing @ House of Beauty Camberley

Treatment Microblading
Powder Brows
Ombré Eyebrows
Patch Test Required
Initial Consult Free
Price £330
Payment Instalments Interest-free instalments with Clearpay
Top Up Free
Colour Retouch £150

See Price List for all Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Design Techniques

Confused? Do not fret if you are unsure as to which technique and design is most suited to your needs. This is the purpose of the initial consultation with Anna at House of Beauty Camberley to discuss Microblading and decide on what is right for you.

And this is why, especially for this treatment, it is important to seek out the most experienced master technician you can find. Somebody who not only has the requisite skills, but also a keen eye for the art of eyebrow design.

See our primer below.


Also known as:
Feather stroke

What is it?
Performed with a hand tool, similar to a pen with a line of fine needles at one end.
Creates fine ‘hair-like’ strokes which imitates the natural desired hairline of the brow.

Pigment is deposited and rubbed into the skin via small, very shallow scratches.

Who’s it for?
No hair
Mature skin
Full hair brow that just needs definition


Also known as
Powder Brows

What is it?
Performed with a special micropigmentation pen, pigment is inserted using a dotting technique, giving a three-dimensional, natural look to the eyebrows. Mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup such as a brow pencil or brow shadow.

Who’s it for?
Those who pencil in their eyebrows.
Someone who prefers a fuller brow but still wants that soft texture.
Those with oily skin especially love it due to normal makeup wearing off quickly with that skin type.

Ombré Eyebrows

A variation of Powder Brows

The Ombré Brow incorporates a natural fade that starts with lighter pigment at the beginning of the brow arch in the centre of the forehead, and gets gradually darker towards the tail. This creates an illusion of fading.

The end result is an even fuller, powdery looking brow, similar to the polished look you have when filling in your brows with powder at home.

Note: Photo taken immediately after treatment. Pigment fades 40% within the first 7 days. Top up required after 2 weeks and the true colour will be visible within 4 weeks. 

Microblading & Microshading

Also known as:
Combo Brow
3D Brow

What is it?
Utilises both a microblading tool and tattoo pen for the best of both worlds! Provides longevity and fantastic coverage. Creates a 3D illusion and adds more depth to the brow.

First the pigment is inserted into the skin via small, very shallow scratches, the pigment is then rubbed into the skin leaving what looks like a natural hair effect.
Then shading is added with a tattoo pen, which creates a very light tapping motion and leaves fine dots in the skin. This creates a ‘misty’ powder effect between the microbladed strokes.

Who’s it for?
Bald Patches
Old PMU (tattoo)
No hair
Desire a natural effect and fuller appearance

Combo Brows

Meet Anna - Master Technician

Anna performs all semi-permanent makeup treatments with her unique, recognised style of brow shaping and natural strokes. This specific technique developed by her, has been years in the making and continuously perfected as new products and technologies become available.

Anna has completed semi-permanent makeup courses in Korea, Thailand and UK. The time and money spent to cultivate and develop her skills overseas is the reason she stands alone when it comes to microblading results and customer satisfaction.

Read more about Anna’s bio and professional background on the Meet the Founder page.

Microblading Treatment Process @ House of Beauty Camberley

Step 1 - Free Initial Consultation

Anna will get to know your lifestyle and personality, and advise you on the best shape and arch for your face. She will explain the process, address your concerns, show you examples and this is also your chance to ask any questions you may have.

A patch test will be done on your skin – a tiny needle prick and a small amount of pigment will be applied to your skin to check for allergies.

Step 2 - Treatment

On the day of your treatment, Anna will first draw your eyebrows in with a pencil. You will get to see and consider this ‘preview’. Once you both agree on the perfect design, you can then give the go ahead to proceed. Anna will then custom blend the colour pigments perfectly suited to your hair and skin tone. Then, with your skin having been numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream, she will use a handheld microblade tool to artistically hand draw your new eyebrows in with fine strokes.

A microblading or microshading procedure usually takes 2 hours and there is no downtime afterwards.
Immediately after treatment, the colour is much darker and bolder than expected. This is not an indication of what the colour will look like once it has healed.  Pigment fades 40% within the first 7 days and the true colour will be visible within 4 weeks.

Step 3 - Aftercare

For best results, follow our detailed Aftercare Instructions. A little extra care and attention in the first 2 weeks will ensure your new eyebrows stay tip top!

Step 4 - Top Up

In the days after your treatment, you may form some small scabs and up to 40% of the pigment will be lost. This is a normal and natural healing process and that is why a topup is required after 2 weeks. This is included in the treatment price.

Step 5 - Amazing Eyebrows!

Well done you! Enjoy your natural looking beautiful eyebrows that stay put no mater what!

Step 6 - Colour Retouch!

Semi-permanent makeup can last up to 3 years however it does fade naturally over time and requires occasional touch ups. To keep your brows in perfect condition, we recommend a colour retouch every 12 months.

Like to know more?

See our page on semi-permanent makeup Frequently Asked Questions.


House of Beauty is rated 4.9 on Google (over 160 reviews) and 4.8 on Treatwell (over 240 reviews).

Silvia D

I know Anna for few years now, I had my eyebrows – microblading, eyeliner-tattoo and recently my lip-tattoo done by her. The level of her skills and professionalism is extremely high. I’m so pleased with everything I had done by her. The salon itself is a lovely and pleasant place to be. Anna is very friendly and approachable person with the customer’s best interest in her heart. I can only recommend her as a brilliant beautician if you want to help the nature to achieve your dream look!

Sara W

I had Microblading with Anna (I have other services too) and she is amazing. Really happy with the shape of my brows and Anna is always so professional and friendly and her work is brilliant – Would absolutely recommend.

Hazel B

Anna at House of Beauty gave an excellent service (Microblading and Shading).  The detail on my eyebrows were second to none, nobody thought it was microbladed.  Anna explained the procedure in a clear and calm manner. Thank you so much Anna, you are a legend! 5 *****

Jessica W

Always a 5* service with Anna at House of Beauty. Came away really happy with my lashes and eyebrow microshading ready for my wedding day 🎉 Thank you for beautifying me!

Microblading Hair Strokes Near Me Camberley


Susan L

Just had my top up for my semi-permanent eyeliner and I’m so pleased with the result from this super professional salon. As well as a lovely friendly person Anna is such a perfectionist in her work and will always ensure the client gets exactly what they have asked for.

Two years ago I also had my brows shaped and microbladed and they are still looking great.

Haven’t had any other treatments done here but I have no doubt they would be carried out to the same high standard.

Anne P

I was lucky enough to find HoB as soon as it opened. Anna made me feel welcome from day 1 and her cheerful personality makes this salon so different from others. I’ve never been so much into beauty treatments but eventually I tried other things than waxing, did facials, pedicure, microblading, microshading, eyeliner tattoo and I have never been disappointed by the results. I trust this salon and their treatments blindly. Reasonable prices for a great service & result, I would never go anywhere else. Also I need to add that I’m always impressed by how clean the salon is. I thank Anna for her patience, kindness and professionalism.

Microblading Eyebrows Near Me

House of Beauty
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Located just outside of Camberley town centre, we are easy to access and there is plenty of free parking available too. We are easy to reach from Frimley, Farnborough and Aldershot. Our Clients come from as far away as Guilford, Woking, Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell, Wokingham and London too!

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