Microneedling Cost: Is It Worth it? Professional & At Home Options

How much does microneedling cost?

Is the price of this procedure ACTUALLY worth it?

Will microneedling give you long-lasting results? Will it help you look younger or tighten your skin?

In this post we will discuss the cost of microneedling, why it varies between locations, how to determine if you should get it done and more.

What is Microneedling?

If you aren’t familiar with microneedling let us fill you in.

This non-invasive procedure stimulates collagen in the dermis, tightens your skin, reduces acne scarring, reduces wrinkles and can even out skin tone.

All of these benefits are produced through the microneedling process. Thousands (yes thousands!) of tiny needles are poked through the superficial layers of your skin causing minor pinpoint bleeding and minor trauma to the top layers of your skin.

This “damage” results in a powerful rejuvenation process when your body initiates the healing process.

Your cells release growth factors which cause all of the benefits listed above.

The best part about this procedure is that it is relatively quick (usually 20 – 30 minutes) and doesn’t hurt (too much).

Demonstrating a microneedling procedure using the latest generation Dermapen 4.

Microneedling vs Dermarolling

There are 2 main ways to do a microneedling procedure (and one is obviously much more effective than the other).


#1. Use an electric microneedling pen with lots of tiny needles such as a Dermapen or Skinpen

This is the preferred method because it provides the best results, but it will require a visit to an clinic with a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or aesthetician.

Using an electric needle pen allows for literally thousands of tiny needle pokes to the skin.

The more pokes you get the more rejuvenation you get during the healing process.

When people ask about the price of microneedling they are usually referring to this procedure.

Closeup view of Dermapen 4 Needle Cartridge

The Dermapen 4 has a 16-needle cartridge which delivers 1,920 puncture channels per second!

#2. Use a roller covered in needles to poke the skin manually such as a Dermaroller

But using a microneedling pen isn’t the only option.

There is an at home option in which you can use a dermaroller (a roller ball with lots of needles on it) or a simple insulin needle tip.

It’s important to realize that this is definitely a cheaper option, but the results are nowhere near as noticeable when compared to the microneedling pen.

If you are in a pinch for money, though, then this may be a potential option for you.

We will discuss more about the differences below, but for now, let’s talk about the cost.

How much does Microneedling Cost?

So how much will microneedling put you back if you want to do it?

And are the results actually worth it?

I have to say that, in our opinion, the results are absolutely worth it, provided you can find a reasonable price.

One session of microneedling will cost anywhere from £100 and up to £350 or more in Harley Street!

Here at House of Beauty, Camberley, the price of 1 session of microneedling with Anna, our head therapist is £180.  If you are not ready to commit for a treatment, but would like to find out more, you can instead book in for a free microneedling consultation with Anna.

It’s very important for you to realize that this is for only ONE session.

Once you get it done you will most likely want to get it done again and again because the results tend to stack on top of each other.

Most people can start to see benefits after the first session, but for conditions such as scarring or pock-marking, you may need to get several sessions (up to 6).

For anti-aging and skin tightening at least 3, and preferably 6 sessions are recommended.

You will notice that with each session your skin gets tighter and brighter which will keep you coming back for more.

But why is there such a big variation in microneedling cost?

After all, isn’t it the same procedure?

The answer is yes, and the reason for pricing comes from the various costs associated with purchasing the microneedling pen!

Health devices (such as a microneedling pen) are quite expensive, usually on the order of thousands of pounds, and the people who buy them have to make the money back.

This drives up the price of the procedure.

It also creates a price difference because providers don’t use the same quality or type of pen.

This means that you can get the exact same procedure for £100 when it would cost £350 at another location.

This is why it pays to search around for people with good prices!

Factors That Affect Microneedling Cost

#1. Who performs your treatment
A treatment performed by an aesthetician, medical assistant, or nurse typically costs less than one with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Just keep in mind that results are technique-dependent, and the procedure can do real damage to your skin’s texture in inexperienced hands. Look for a provider who has specific training in this procedure, and pay special attention to reviews and photos posted by their patients.

Chose a practitioner that you trust. They must have the competence to handle a situation in case there is a complication or adverse reaction.

#2. Their practice location
As you’d expect, salons and clinics in major cities such as London or neighborhoods with higher rents typically have to charge more.

But also consider is the salon reputable? Does it have impeccable hygiene standards? Are they fully insured?

#3. How many treatment sessions you have
This isn’t a one-time treatment: for concerns like acne scars and stretch marks, providers recommend a treatment plan of three to six microneedling sessions, every two to six weeks, to see optimal results.

Keep in mind that results aren’t permanent, so you’ll need maintenance treatments every six months to a year, depending on your skin care habits and how well you can avoid problems like sun damage.

#4. The number and size of the treatment areas
You guessed it: larger body areas (or multiple areas, like the face plus neck) take more time to treat, which costs more.

#5. Any add-ons to your treatment
Complementary treatments or topicals can amplify the benefits of microneedling. This adds to the microneedling cost per treatment, but it may reduce the number of treatments you need to see significant results.

Many providers apply vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, and other potent serums as the last step in a treatment. The controlled microinjuries produced by the tiny needles of a professional microneedling pen create channels beneath the surface of the skin, making these active ingredients especially potent during the healing process.

RF Microneedling treatments like Secret RF by Cutera, Vivace, Morpheus8, and Infini RF combine microneedling with radiofrequency energy. They have an average cost of £750 per session. The radiofrequency ramps up new collagen production and other benefits of microneedling.

Some providers also use microneedling to complement laser treatment.
Tip: To prolong the benefits of your investment, it’s worth investing in a good sunscreen and other medical-grade skin care. Ask your provider about which ingredients they recommend to target your top concerns.

#6. Special offers or discounts
Some providers have promotional pricing for a limited time, give discounts to regular patients, or offer a discount if you buy a package of treatment sessions up-front.

Is it Worth it?

The short answer is YES, the long answer is MAYBE.

It really depends on what you are getting it for and how much you are paying.

We always recommend to spend time when choosing the salon and therapist when considering an advanced beauty treatment. Make sure they are experienced, knowledgeable and insured.

Also consider what is included in the treatment, such as what serums are used to treat your particular condition, and also if aftercare creams are included in the price.

Be aware of cheaper options. Typically these are conducted at home-based salons that may not uphold the strictest hygiene standards, use low grade needling pens, or the therapist lacks experience.


The bottom line?

On the treatment review platform RealSelf, of members who’ve had microneedling, 81% say it’s Worth It, citing benefits like firmer, more evenly toned skin with fewer fine lines and less acne scarring.

The 19% who said it was Not Worth It were upset by larger pores, crepey skin, and textual issues that didn’t resolve on their own.

While price shouldn’t be the only factor, expect to pay approximately £150 – £250 per microneedling session.

Microneedling, at this price range, becomes a no-brainer due to how effective it is.

If you can’t find any professional salon or clinic at this price, then the next option may be to search for an experience and highly rated home-based option.

Medical Microneedling vs DIY At-Home Dermarolling

It is easy to buy a dermaroller online starting from £10 for a cheap option but a high quality one will set you back £50 or more.

The issue is the depth of the needles.

While you can get your hands on a dermaroller with 1 mm needles, it is generally advised not to go deeper than 0.2 to 0.3 mm if you are doing it yourself at home, especially if this is your first time.

At-home microneedling generally only touches the VERY superficial layers of your skin.

Dermaroller with gold handle
The derma roller has a handle with a rotating ciylinder at one end that is covered in needles which is rolled over the skin.

Compare this to a qualified and insured therapist using a professional microneedling pen. They may opt for 1 mm and some cases up to 2 mm needle depth, depending on the condition and area being treated.

A deeper needle depth not only means more collagen production, but also the serums can penetrated more deeply into the skin.

Furthermore, a professional will use medical grade and highly dosed serums, which are not available for retail purchase.

This makes medical microneedling far more superior, in terms of benefits to you, when compared to at-home dermaroller versions.

Dermarollers can and do help provide results, but probably aren’t great if you are seriously interested in anti-aging or treating acne scars.

As the roller goes over the skin, some of the needles penetrate the skin and provide the healing results we discussed previously.

The problem is that it doesn’t go nearly as deep as medical microneedling.

But at a cheaper price point, it may be the only option available to some.

Microneedling Cost: Conclusion

Microneedling is not the cheapest beauty treatment, however it is very effective. The results it is able to achieve makes it absolutely worth it, provided you get it at the right price.

The overall price of microneedling can vary between £100 and £350 per session.

Try to find a reputable salon and an experienced therapist who charges between £150 and £250 per session.

If you can’t afford this price range then you can try some of the at-home options as well.

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Book your free microneedling consultation today

Microneedling is an advanced treatment. There are many factors to consider and it is not suitable for everyone. Before booking your treatment, we advise you to pop in for a free consultation first where we can assess your skin, discuss your concern and together decide if the treatment is right for you.


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