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A woman 53 years old 27 weeks after sculptra inejction in Camberley, UK
Photo courtesy of Sculptra®: 27 weeks after Sculptra Injection

At House of Beauty, we are dedicated to helping our clients regain their confidence by addressing the visible signs of ageing. If you’re curious about the effectiveness of Sculptra in rejuvenating your appearance, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover Sculptra's Magic

As we age, our skin naturally transforms, and we begin to experience the gradual loss of collagen. Over the years, this process becomes evident through the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. This is where Sculptra injections come into play as a forefront solution for rejuvenation. Powered by poly-L-lactic acid, these injections offer an incredible remedy that reawakens your body’s collagen production, facilitating the restoration of your skin’s inner structure and volume. By tackling the underlying causes of ageing, Sculptra treatments provide enduring results, often extending up to two years.

Sculptra functions as a collagen stimulator, encouraging your body to produce more collagen precisely where it’s needed most. This approach proves highly effective, especially for mature individuals aiming to counteract age-related volume loss and those dealing with issues like crepey skin and sagging due to decreased elasticity. Derived from poly-lactic acid, a natural substance found in the body, Sculptra jumpstarts collagen production at the treatment site, resulting in smoother and firmer skin. Its standout feature lies in its unique ability to initiate collagen rejuvenation, tapping into your body’s inherent capabilities for exceptional outcomes. No other product possesses this remarkable capacity for collagen restoration yet in the market.

Sculptra injection before and after natural results at House of Beauty, Camberley, UK

Sculptra Before and After Results

See the results of Sculptra on our clients before and after a course of treatments:

The Beauty of Sculptra

Sculptra – a transformative treatment harnessing your skin’s inherent potential to reinvigorate collagen production, delivering a more youthful appearance. What sets Sculptra apart is its unique ability to kickstart collagen production.

Sculptra seamlessly collaborates with your body, provoking the revival of collagen that dwindles over time. Sculptra rebuilds your skin’s crucial structural foundation, restoring the support and volume reminiscent of youth. The results can endure for an extended period, often up to two years.

Within several weeks post-injection, a subtle yet noticeable increase in dermal thickness unfolds naturally. This transformation occurs as cells are spurred into generating their collagen, a process that gradually unfolds over several weeks. One of Sculptra’s exceptional attributes is its subtlety – it discreetly enhances your appearance, allowing for a more refreshed look without drawing undue attention. Unlike other dermal fillers, Sculptra takes its time addressing the root causes of facial aging, offering a non-surgical, FDA-approved, and Sculptra-focused route to facial rejuvenation.

Elevating Beauty with House of Beauty

At House of Beauty, our dedicated team is committed to your journey towards elevated beauty. We begin by offering comprehensive consultations, led by our highly skilled injector, Anna, who brings years of expertise to the table. During these consultations, we take the time to understand your unique goals, delve into your medical history, and conduct a thorough assessment of your skin’s condition. With this holistic approach, we provide expert recommendations tailored precisely to your needs and goals, ensuring you make informed decisions regarding your desired treatments. Our priority is your safety, satisfaction, and achieving natural-looking results, making House of Beauty the ideal partner for your aesthetic journey.

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

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Anna is one of those absolute treasures of a practitioner that makes you think twice about moving!
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Once again Anna has excelled with her knowledge and care towards her clients. She has been helping me to achieve great skin results with her expert guidance and leading me in the right direction. She is always on hand to reply to messages throughout and puts you at ease. I have recommended her to friends and have complete trust in her to treat them with the same care as she does to me. Forever grateful and will not go anywhere else.
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I have been lucky enough to have had several different treatments with the lovely Anna over the past years. She is a wonderfully warm and understanding expert, who listens carefully and understands completely what you are hoping to achieve and then tailors her array of treatments to provide you with the very best results. I felt quite nervous before getting Botox and Filler for the first time, but there was no need for that as Anna have made it into a calm and welcoming space, which delivers amazing results! I look forward to my next session! X
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Anna is very professional with lot of knowledge, I had lip filler and smile line filler and was very pleased with the result and will go back again. She also took out the stitches from my nose surgery (which I had done elsewhere) at no charge - very kind!
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Very professional, friendly, caring and kind staff. Anna is top class. Love her care and service. I will be back :)x
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Highly recommend. The salon and Anna are amazing. Great, knowledgeable service and a wonderful person.
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I had a problem with my pigmentation, so Anna did for me a few chemical peels. I bought Obagi products to use at home. Great results, no pigmentation, and last time Anna did for me Botox. I'm so happy how my skin looks now. Thank you so much!

Ready for Your Beauty Transformation?

House of Beauty is here to offer the support you need. Your journey begins by scheduling a consultation with our experienced injector, Anna, who is dedicated to listening, guiding, and assisting you in making well-informed decisions about your beauty goals. Begin your confident journey towards enhancing your natural beauty today. Your transformation awaits, and we’re here to ensure it’s a smooth and rewarding experience.

At House of Beauty, your well-being and confidence matter most. Experience the House of Beauty difference today.

Book your consultation now and discover the House of Beauty difference!

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House of Beauty is located in Camberley, with free parking available and is easily accessed from the M3. Our clients come from surrounding areas including Farnborough,  Aldershot and further afield including  Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell, Guildford and Woking.

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