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What Our Semi-Permanent Treatment Encompasses?

  • Microblading
  • Microshading
  • Lips liner
  • Eyeliner

Why have Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment?

Are you are a working lady who finds it difficult to do daily makeup to look fresh before going to the office? Are you a housewife who finds it difficult to maintain lovely looks between all the household chores? Are you worried about your makeup washing away with your tears on your big day? No need to worry as our semi-permanent makeup will resolve your daily facial makeup and maintenance worries. The brides-to-be do not need to worry about their makeup washing away, as this latest beauty trick will keep your makeup intact even if you cry your heart out. With our professional semi-permanent makeup you will not need to do makeup on daily basis and you will get up looking fresh, gorgeous and ready each morning as well as on your big day. Semi-permanent makeup is your best bet when it comes to looking your perfect and beautiful every day without spending a minute on your makeup. Whether you need to have a few fine touch-ups or want a full-fledged glamorous effect, with our semi-permanent makeup solutions you are all set to leave a stunning impression each and every day without efforts. It ensures that you look fresh and charming all day long.

Why have Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment?

A semi-permanent makeup is also referred to as ‘micro pigmentation’; it is a professional aesthetic treatment. It is a kind of temporary aesthetic tattooing which gives you relatively longer lasting contoured and thick eyebrows, lip colour and eyeliner.

The semi-permanent procedure involves placement of the pigmented colours underneath the upper skin layer (dermal layer). The pigments used for giving natural colour are approved and safe for skin and can last for up to 2 years. The colour placement gives your skin softer and more natural looking appearance.

In addition to the cosmetic enhancements, the semi-permanent makeup can also be used for disguising scars or creating areola following the mastectomy. People suffering from the depigmentation of skin in patches called ‘vitiligo’ can also take benefit of this makeup.

Why have Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment?

If you wear makeup on daily basis, you are a good candidate for semi-permanent makeup. If you want to enhance your looks or are allergic to using cosmetic products or don’t know how to do your makeup, semi-permanent makeup is a good choice. The semi-permanent makeup candidates should have realistic expectations from the treatment.

People who suffer from any kind of active skin problems or infections, pregnant or breastfeeding women, diabetics, heart patients and those vulnerable to developing keloid scarring are not recommended to take the semi-permanent makeup.

Why have Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment?

We cannot say that it is a completely pain-free procedure because pain is subjective to every individual. However, clients who go for our semi-permanent makeup treatment reports that it is not unbearable and quite quick. Once the topical anaesthetic is applied, it significantly reduces the pain. As the process is performed quickly and smoothly by our experts, it causes little pain, which subsides after the procedure.

Semi-Permanent Makeup at House of Beauty

Why have Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment?

At House of Beauty, we are highly specific about your safety and well-being. To ensure this, we perform the treatment in sterilised and comfortable environment with the latest and sterilised equipment. Our experts have professional training and years of experience in performing semi-permanent makeup and microblading procedures which enable us to give natural-looking results.

As everyone’s routine and aesthetic requirements are different, we start the process with a detailed assessment and consultation. During the initial consultation, we give you information about the procedure, discuss your expectations, the concerns that you wish to address and what the procedure would involve. This helps you make an informed decision regarding the treatment. We try to work according to your natural looks and hair colour; however, if you want a more dramatic look that can be changed.

Our experts try to make the procedure as smooth, comfortable and pain-free as possible. We only use pharmaceutical grade and FDA-approved pigments to implant in your desired treatment areas. The procedure is quickly and safely performed and your requirements are fully met to give you an enhanced and gorgeous look that compliments your facial features.

Professionals at HOB ensure that you have nearly pain-free and great experience with minimal side effects and no downtime. So you could quickly resume your routine activities after the procedure while appearing fabulous!

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Are there any side effects?

Although it’s quite a safe procedure, there are a few side effects due to the invasive nature of the treatment. There may be slight pain and discomfort during the procedure which depends on the pain threshold of the individual as well as the technique used by the semi-permanent makeup service provider. However, the application of topical numbing cream helps minimise pain. Following the procedure, you may experience mild swelling, redness or bleeding which subsides quickly. There is a rare possibility of an allergic reaction, but if you have sensitive skin you should request to have a skin sensitivity test before the treatment. Scarring rarely occurs when an inexperienced or untrained beautician performs the treatment.

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