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Lip Filler Near me

Procedure Time

30 minutes


Topical anaesthetic can be applied


Immediate, lasts 6-18 months


None to minimal

Risks & Complications

Swelling, redness, rare serious risks

Are you feeling self-conscious about thin, uneven, or aging lips?

It’s a concern shared by many, often casting a shadow over self-confidence and leaving you less satisfied with your appearance. But what if there was a way to turn this around?

Lip fillers offer just that – a chance to enhance your lip volume, bring symmetry, and rejuvenate your overall look. Boosting your self-esteem as much as it is about enhancing your smile.

At House of Beauty, we are here to help you take a step towards embracing your beauty confidently as Anna Hannaford, a top-rated practitioner with over a decade of experience, will help you navigate through this transformative journey.

Before and after photos of a Wokingham client's lip filler treatment at House of Beauty Camberley, showcasing a subtle yet impactful result.
Remarkable lip augmentation results for a Bracknell client at House of Beauty Camberley, enhancing lip symmetry and overall appearance."
Amazing before and after photos of a Bracknell client's lip filler treatment at House of Beauty Camberley, showcasing a subtle yet impactful result.

Lip Filler actual results 

What to Expect in Our Lip Filler Treatment

Embarking on a lip filler treatment at House of Beauty, you can expect a process that is as thorough as it is transformative. Here’s a glimpse into what our clients experience:

  • Personalised Consultation: Your experience starts with a one-on-one session with Anna Hannaford. Here, your lip goals are discussed, and a custom plan is crafted to suit your unique facial features.
  • Pre-Treatment: We provide comprehensive advice on how to prepare for your lip filler session, ensuring you’re fully informed and comfortable before the procedure begins.
  • During Treatment: Our senior injector, Anna, will skilfully administers the filler, focusing on achieving the perfect balance and volume for your lips. For those who prefer it, a numbing cream can be applied to minimise discomfort.
  • Post-Treatment: We offer detailed aftercare instructions. This includes tips on managing swelling and ensuring the best possible results from your treatment.
  • Follow-Up Sessions: We schedule a subsequent appointment to assess the outcome and adjust if necessary, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

We Use the Best Brands

Stylage Vivacy Dermal Fillers
Teoxane dermal filler logo at House of Beauty Camberley

At House of Beauty, we’re committed to providing only the best in lip filler treatments, which is why we use leading brands known for their excellence in the aesthetic market.  JuvédermStylageTeosyal by Teoxane are among the top hyaluronic acid lip fillers available and are the gold standard in the aesthetic industry, known for their ability to create beautifully natural and long-lasting lip enhancements By choosing these premium fillers, we ensure our clients receive treatments that are not only safe and reliable but also perfectly tailored to meet their individual beauty goals.

Hear from our Satisfied Clients!

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Lip Filler Before and After

actual before and after results of lip tattoo, plump lips and natural and on the go look at House of Beauty, UK
plump lips and long lasting results after lip tattoo at Camberley, UK
realistic lip filler results near me
red lips, lip tattoo treatment, long lasting at Frimley, UK
Actual lip filler results, before and after photo at Frimley, UK
lip blush tattoo before and after near me
before and after look lip tattoo done at House of Beauty, Camberley
subtle natural lip filler results at House of Beauty, Camberley
A Woking client's lip filler journey at House of Beauty Camberley, achieving a fuller and more defined lip contour.
Stunning transformation with lip plumping injections at House of Beauty Camberley, providing clients with a beautiful and balanced appearance.
Remarkable lip plumping treatment results at House of Beauty, Camberley, for fuller and more attractive lips.
Stunning vermillion border enhancement at House of Beauty, Woking, for more defined and attractive lips.
Stunning lip volume enhancement results at House of Beauty, Woking, for plumper and more defined lips.
Natural look lip augmentation results done at House of Beauty, Camberley
Before and after lip filler results for a client from Guilford at House of Beauty Camberley, enhancing the overall appearance and lip volume.

Where to Get Lip Filler Near Me?

At House of Beauty, we proudly offer high-quality lip filler treatments using only premium brands and administered by our highly skilled injector, Anna Hannaford. We are located in Camberley and conveniently accessible from the M3. It’s an easy drive for those in surrounding areas like Farnborough, Aldershot, and even from places like Ascot, Windsor, Bracknell, Guildford, and Woking.


Who Does Lip Filler Near Me?

Anna Hannaford, our founder and senior injector, brings over a decade of experience in delivering Lip filler treatments. With her advanced training and deep understanding of facial anatomy, Anna is known for delivering subtle and natural results. Her approach is deeply personalised. She ensures that every client’s journey towards enhanced beauty is not only effective but also comforting and safe. 

Read more about  Anna Hannaford’s bio to get the full scope of her expertise

Anna Hannaford Founder House of Beauty Camberley

How Much is Lip Filler Near Me?

Our Lip filler treatments are available for £250.00. This price covers a selection of top-grade fillers like Juvéderm, Stylage, Teosyal by Teoxane, ensuring a combination of quality and expert care in every session.

To get started, schedule a short initial consultation with our senior injector. During this consultation, Anna will work with you to tailor a personalised treatment best suited to your aesthetic desires.

Beauty Salon House of Beauty Camberley

Begin Your Lip Filler Journey with House of Beauty

At House of Beauty, we specialise in providing tailored lip filler treatments, designed to meet the individual aesthetic goals of our clients. Start your journey to enhanced lips with a comprehensive consultation with Anna, our top-rated skilled injector, where you can explore how lip fillers can beautifully complement your features. Book your treatment now and take the first step towards achieving the look you’ve always wanted!